Linda Johnson

At 53 I am in the best shape of my life. Since completing Quick-2-Fit™ Boot Camp I've lost 16 lbs. Just two weeks. That's what I went into it thinking. Day to day. Over a year later I've maintained the weight loss with Boot Camp classes, cardio and Gravity. The reason that Boot Camp worked so well for me was the sense of community. You commiserate on the hard parts and you celebrate the successes.

My successes are evident to everyone around me. You feel good about yourself and your kids see that. They become better about eating and exercise. They see you being healthier and they want to do it too. Although I am very happy with the changes in my appearance, I know it is about more than that. Boot Camp helped me to realize that this was about me as an individual. It's not about scale weight. It's your health and feeling good in your self.

Judy LaCross

Though the Boot Camp lasted only two weeks I soon realized that this was no quick fix, it was a lifestyle change. It's a jump start to get you going and then it keeps you going. The hard work delivered immediate rewards. When I finished the Boot Camp my body had never felt cleaner. I soon found that even when given the opportunity to "cheat" I made healthier choices.

What I appreciate most is the way that Cindie adjusts the training and diet so that it works for me. Every effort that I put in is matched by Cindie. She will push you to the upper edge of your comfort zone. And though I don't track how much weight I've lost, the improvements in my health and fitness are clear. I have more energy, even when doing a simple chore like raking the leaves. I can do it now, I can do anything.

Joanne Legro

I completed Quick-2-Fit™ first Boot camp in the fall of 2007 and have lost a total of 15 lbs. I tried every diet and fad but never managed to stick with a program. And though I worked out on cardio machines I had always been too intimidated to try weight training. When I heard about Boot Camp, at first I thought, no way, not with my schedule, I work in Boston. Finally I decided, I can do anything for two weeks. And I was right. Since then I have maintained my weight loss with twice weekly maintenance classes, plus gravity and cardio.

I believe the success of the program is due in large part to the efforts Cindie puts into making sure her clients are well taken care of. She's always checking in, checking your progress, giving you diet advice, tailoring your workouts. It's like having a personal trainer only more affordable. The greatest benefit I have discovered since joining the Boot Camp program isn't the weight loss. I have more confidence in myself and from others I get more respect. If you care enough to take care of yourself then your kids will have more respect for you. Even if they won't admit it.

Sallie Newton

I was sick of how I felt. But it wasn't just my weight that was bothering me, it was my health. My sister has MS, my mother has osteoporosis and my grandmother had diabetes. I didn't want those problems. At my age I wasn't trying to get skinny, I just wanted to get healthy. That being said, I was more than happy with the 11 lbs I lost during Quick-2-Fit™ Boot Camp. It was a big deal. The results were amazing.

The workouts were hard but they were worth it. When your eyeballs start to sweat you know you're burning fat. Quick-2-Fit™ personal attention allows me to feel safe and confident in my fitness maintenance by taking the time to make sure that everything is done right. She really cares. You can call her with questions anytime and she's there.

Jaime Triebwasser

After six children I had finally reached my limit. I couldn't stand myself. I wanted to be able to run around with my children and still be able to breathe. I had been a member of Weight Watchers but wanted to see more results. I found the kick-start I needed in Quick-2-Fit™ Boot Camp. I was so pleased with the results that I convinced both my sister (who came in from New Jersey) and my daughter to join the program. It's good to have friends in the program to motivate you.

I maintain my fitness with regular Boot camp classes, cardio and Gravity. My children see my example and want to join in. I have more energy and more confidence. It's nice to get compliments now. I always took care of everyone else. Finally I'm a priority. It's my turn.

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Quick-2-Fit™ fitness boot camps, created by Fitness Fusion expert, Cindie DeMello, are held at Body Natural Fitness Center in Barrington, RI and at fitness centers throughout the Rhode Island area with the option of the original 14-Day Boot Camp, Advanced 14-Day Boot Camp or an Extreme 4-Week Boot Camp

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