Hardcore-24™ + Maintenance Program

Hardcore-24 Workout

Don't have an hour to workout?

What if you could get the most effective workout done in just 24 minutes a day? Hardcore-24™ is a super high intensity, super effective workout that will get you into the best shape of your life in just 24 minutes a day.

The sessions are super high intensity - super quick - super effective.

Is Hardcore-24™ the right workout for me?

By combining high intensity with interval training (HIIT) you speed your metabolic rate and boost your metabolism 24 hours a day.  This means you’ll still be burning fat even after you’ve left the gym. Hardcore-24™ workouts are actually more effective than a traditional 45-60 minute class.  Whether you are super-fit looking for a more effective and efficient workout or just getting started, Hardcore-24™ is a program that let's you go at your appropriate pace and get optimal results for your body.

Diet: The fastest way to lose weight is to combine diet and exercise. Hardcore-24™ provides  delicious low-calorie, high-energy recipes that will help burn fat and build muscles.

24 minutes per day for 24 days for only $240!

Schedule (10AM)
Mon-Sat: 24 minute HIIT or cardio sessions
Sun: Rest Day


A few peeps have mentioned that they can't do the full 4 weeks or can't make all of the workouts during the week.  If you need to customize your Hardcore 24 session, contact Cindie to work out a custom package the works with your schedule..

Hardcore-24™ + Maintenance Classes

Starts Mon, Oct 6

24 minutes per day
for 24 days for only $240!

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Quick-2-Fit™ fitness boot camps, created by Fitness Fusion expert, Cindie DeMello, are held at Body Natural Fitness Center in Barrington, RI and at fitness centers throughout the Rhode Island area with the option of the original 14-Day Boot Camp, Advanced 14-Day Boot Camp or an Extreme 4-Week Boot Camp

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