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Save $75 by purchasing a Three Boot Camp series, redeemable at any 14-Day Boot Camp over the next 12 months. Stay in ULTIMATE shape all year long!

Pamper yourself with our Private Chef!!

Jocelyn has worked as a private chef for several years here in Barrington and before that in Martha's Vineyard where she cooked for such notables as Bill Clinton at his 60th birthday party. She will cook delicious and boot camp approved meals for you to help you get through boot camp in a tasty and convenient way. Jocelyn can be reached at


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Quick-2-Fit™ fitness boot camps, created by Fitness Fusion expert, Cindie DeMello, are held at Body Natural Fitness Center in Barrington, RI and at fitness centers throughout the Rhode Island area with the option of the original 14-Day Boot Camp, Advanced 14-Day Boot Camp or an Extreme 4-Week Boot Camp

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(401) 595-4585

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